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   About Us

The company was started in 1987 as Kwikstand Displays. In 2000 Visual Marketing Group (large format printing company) merged with Kwikstand Displays as there was a natural fit with both company’s product lines. In 2001 the company was renamed to Intercept Corporation to reflect the effectiveness of it's products on consumers. We pride ourselves on producing high quality products, having repeat customers, and having products located throughout the U.S. and world.
In 1987 the Kwikstand "Sampler" model was designed as the first portable marketing kiosk for direct marketing and sampling. The market flexibility, functionality, and durability proved to be a great success for a variety of products and services.

In 1995 the "DemoPro" model was introduced with a stainless countertop and integrated power cord. This demo table become the industry standard for food sampling.

In 2002 the "Intercepter" model was introduced providing customers with a choice of a smaller lighter weight portable kiosk.

In 2009 the "Advertiser" model was introduced because of requests by customers for kiosks with larger graphics. The large overhead sign and full wrap base graphic provided the ultimate promotional kiosk for food sampling, product demonstrations, and marketing services.

In 2011 we introduced the "Ultimate Promotor" station to replace the "Intercepter" model. The new unitary design integrated the doors and countertop providing for easy setup and takedown.

   Notable Pojects
Pepsi Canada Nation Wide Promotion

Using several hundred custom portable booths Pepsi Canada's Taste Patrol has had several million people take the test.

In 1994, Taste Patrol didn't attend events, they OWNED THEM !

Pepsi U.S. Nation Wide Promotion

With several hundred custom portable booths the Pepsi Challenge was on a nation wide campaign in 2000 and 2001.

Made of custom molded high impact durable plastic, welded aluminum main frame, caster wheels for easy transport, includes nylon transport cover. Overhead graphic is  57"w x 12"h and the body graphic is 63"w x 37"h.

Kellogg's "Beach Ready" Promotion

Presentation Solutions used custom Intercepters in 2005 for regional Kellogg's promotions. This covered several states with several 3-out stands.

Hickory Farms Promotions

With a hundred custom Intercepter portable demo stations Hickory Farms promoted their products in a 2003 campaign.

Lindy Fishing Tackle POPs

Since 2007 we have been the vender for POP displays for Lindy Fishing Tackle a Pradco Outdoors Company. We manufactured a reusable molded frame with integrated video player. Insert a new graphic and video chip and your marketing a new product. We continue to warehouse and process (in spring and fall) the shipping of graphics and video chips to their retail locations.

Commissaries Food Sampling

The DemoPro station is used for sampling by our military commissaries in the Air Force and Army bases in the US and through out Europe.

We have been an approved supplier since 2004 and have provided over 150 stations to date.


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